nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake and Hampshire, IL
Lauren’s a senior golfer and soccer player at Johnsburg High School as well as one of our nFocus Model Reps for the Class of 2018! We had the chance to photograph Lauren both in the studio and outside this summer and had a bunch of fun both times we worked with her!

Every year we have one senior who is completely unlucky when it comes to weather and this year that senior was Lauren! Took us three tries to finally get a day without rain for her session, but I was so glad we waited as she ended up getting one of the nicest days of the year!

We took advantage of that perfect day to explore some of my favorite spots and capture some really nice images. Back in the studio last Spring we also took the time to make sure we got a bunch of different photos featuring her and her golf equipment since golf is a big part of her life.

Check out these photos from Lauren’s sessions as well as her thoughts on nFocus and golf!

nfocus: How would you describe your photo shoots?
Lauren: My photo shoots were a ton of fun. It was fun to able to do all the different poses and outfits!

n: What was your favorite part of your photo shoots?
L: My favorite part of the photo shoot was being able to do all the different poses!

n: Some of your friends may want to have a friend take their senior photos, or their Mom’s friend with a nice camera. What would you say to them about your experience working with nFocus?
L: I would say that I highly recommend doing nFocus. It was such a fun time and the pictures look great!!

n: Were your sessions a good bonding experience for you and your Mom?
L: Yes, I think it was a good bonding experience because I was able to look to her for opinion on outfits or pictures.

n: Did the final photos turn out the way you had hoped?
L: My final photos turned out even better then I expected! I’m so happy with the way they look!

n: What did you like or dislike about your experience as a Model Rep?
L: There wasn’t anything I really disliked except trying to find the perfect day for the shoot but other then that it was a great experience!

n: Do you have any golfing heroes?
L: I don’t really have any golfing heroes. I tend to look towards the players that are more experienced and learn from them.

n: Do you prefer driving or putting?
L: I would say I prefer putting because I love that feeling when I make those difficult putts.

n: Would you rather walk the course or take a cart?
L: I would definitely rather take a cart because it makes the speed of play that much faster.

n: Are you superstitious? Is there anything you do before a round of golf to bring yourself luck?
L: When it comes to golf I am superstitious. I have to go through the same routine before every match or I believe to think I will play poorly.

n: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
L: In 10 years I see myself having a job and living on my own. I’m hoping to move somewhere out of state.

n: Where would you most like to go to college?
L: I would like to go to a smaller school to play golf and stay somewhat closer to home. At the moment, I do not have a college at the top of my list.

n: If you had a superpower what would it be?
L: If I had a super power it would be the ability to read minds, I think it be interesting to see what other people think about.

n: Favorite three songs on your phone?
L: My favorite 3 songs on my phone are Life Changes by Thomas Rhett, Friends by Justin Bieber, All Higher by Dan and Shay.

nfocus photos - senior pictures in Crystal Lake and Cary, IL
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
nfocus photos - senior pictures in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
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