Class of 2021 Senior Photos

Just $50 for our most popular outdoor shoot

Hey, Class of 2021 – Congratulations! You are finally seniors!! Just in time for our annual senior session sale!!

For the next five days, 2021 Seniors can get our MOST POPULAR session for just $50. It’s our 2 hour/4 outfit outdoor Breakaway session that normally goes for $150. That’s a savings of $100 on your Class of 2021 senior photos!

To get the sale price…

  • you need to be a member of the Class of 2021,
  • you need to contact nFocus on (or before) Monday, June 1st to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with you and one of your parents,
  • and you need to be super excited about have your senior photos taken!

At the consultation we’ll go over how everything works, show you all the different products we sell seniors, talk about what you should wear and everything else you need to know to have the best senior session possible!

Then, if you decide to book a session, your session fee will be only $50 and you can schedule it for any available date this summer or fall!

You’re going to want to get in on this now!

We only photograph 80 seniors a year and more than half of those spots are already filled. So don’t delay. Contact nFocus today!

To set up your consultation just fill out the form below and Nick will be in touch about setting up our meeting! Or, if you have any questions give Nick a call at 815.347.2258 or email him.

Are you excited yet? You should be!

You’re only a Senior once, don’t settle for less! Contact nFocus today…

Senior Photo Shoot with Amber from Hampshire High School

nfocus photos crystal Lake senior photographer Hampshire high school senior photo shoot

Today we’re featuring our senior photo shoot with Amber who’s a senior at Hampshire High School. Amber was one of our Class of 2020 Model Reps and we had so much fun working with her!

Amber actually had two outdoor senior shoots because after the first outfit of her first shoot it began to pour!! We waited patiently hoping it would clear up, but once it became obvious the rain was not going to cooperate we chose another day to finish up.

Between the two shoots we ended up with some amazing photos. Amber claims to have never done this before but she was a complete natural in front of the camera!!

Here are some are favorites from the two days!

We had a chance to catch up with Amber and asked her what she though of her nFocus experience!

nFocus: How did you like the Model Rep experience?

Amber: It’s been an honor to be a model rep for you. I had such an amazing experience and all the pictures are fantastic! You are truly an amazing photographer!

n: Did you ever feel awkward while you were being photographed?

A: I felt like I was coached tremendously during our shoots. I never modeled or even had pictures taken of me before! I did not know what to do. If it weren’t for you telling me what poses to do, I don’t think the pictures would have turned out as good!

n: What was your favorite part of your photo shoots? Personally I loved the crowd you drew in downtown Algonquin when we were photographing you in the middle of the street!

A: This may sound cliche – every single part of my shoot was my favorite! But I would agree, it was pretty cool when I gathered that crowd while taking pictures in the middle of the street!!

n: What are your plans after high school?

A: My plans are to go to a four year college in Florida. Hopefully I’ll make the cheer team as well! But I also would like to obtain a masters degree after graduating college. I would love to be a physician’s assistant.

n: Deep dish or thin crust?

A: Deep dish all the way!

If you’re interested in being a Class of 2021 Model Rep, follow this link for more information and an application you can show your parents!


nfocus photos crystal Lake senior photographer Hampshire high school senior photo shoot
nfocus photos crystal Lake senior photographer Hampshire high school senior photo shoot
nfocus photos crystal Lake senior photographer Hampshire high school senior photo shoot
nfocus photos crystal Lake senior photographer Huntley IL senior photo shoot
nfocus photos crystal Lake senior photographer Hampshire high school senior photo shoot

Class of 2021 – nFocus is looking for Model Reps!!

nfocus photos senior pictures in crystal lake illinois

Juniors! The search is on for our Class of 2021 Model Rep team! nFocus is looking for Juniors to represent their class as nFocus Model Reps! We are looking for energetic fans of our work who want to have us take their senior photos and who are willing to be ambassadors of our studio.

Here’s how the program works:

First, nfocus Model Reps will get a free outdoor senior photo shoot next summer. It’s our most popular four outfit/two location Breakaway session that normally goes for $150 – but our reps pay zero session fees!

In addition we’ll be hosting a bunch of optional themed bonus shoots in our studio this spring just for our Reps. Things like prom dress shoots, concert t-shirt shoots, etc. In fact, if you have a cool idea for a themed shoot let us know and we’ll try to work it in!

Besides the studio group shoots you’ll also get your choice of a personal BFF, pet, sports, dance or fashion shoot in the studio this spring as well as a colleg t-shirt shoot next winter!

During these sessions we’ll be trying out new ideas and backgrounds as well as creating photos for our advertising and other promotional materials for the Class of 2021. You’re going to be the first ones from your senior class getting photographed and your photos will be all over Facebook, Instagram and the nFocus website!

In addition to the free photo sessions, every time you refer a friend to nFocus you’ll earn referral credits good for discounts on your senior photo order, as well as additional products you’ll love and entries in our year end prize drawing!!

To qualify:
1. You must currently be a high school Junior who wants to have your Senior Photos taken by nFocus Photos.
2. You must be able to attend a consultation meeting with one of your parents at our studio in Crystal Lake.
3. Most importantly, you must be excited to promote nFocus to your friends and encourage them to have their senior photos taken with us!

To apply, go to nfocusphotos.com/rep21 and submit your application. Make sure your parents know you’re applying because once I get your application I’ll be back in touch with you and your parents to set up the consultation meeting. I’m only going to be taking applications for a short time, so apply soon! If you have any questions you can email Nick Porcaro or message him on Facebook. Looking forward to working with you!

nfocus photos senior pictures in crystal lake illinois

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