nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake and Hampshire, IL

Today we’re featuring photos from our September session with Brynne who’s a senior at Vernon Hills High School!

Brynne throws the shot put for the track team, plays the viola in the orchestra and is obsessed with makeup!

Needless to say Brynne did her own makeup for her session and it was spot on perfect! She also brought her viola and we made sure to capture some images with that since it’s been so important to her life story!

The weather was perfect that day and Brynne was gung ho to try different things, two key ingredients to this fantastic session!!

Check out the photos from our session as well as Brynne’s thoughts on the nFocus experience!

nFocus: How would you describe your photoshoot?
Brynne: It was a super fun, care free photoshoot. It felt super natural to me and Nick was awesome at making me and my Mom feel super comfortable. I personally found it so fun to get ready and show my style.

n: What was your favorite part about the photoshoot?
B: Growing up as a kid, I always wanted to be a model. The best part of the shoot was being in front of the camera and showcasing my favorite outfits and makeup. I also loved going to all the different locations to take my pictures.

n: Some of your classmates may want to have a friend take their senior photos, or their Mom’s friend with a nice camera. What would you say to them about your experience working with nFocus?
B: THERE IS DEFINITELY A DIFFERENCE! I think getting it done by a professional, you know you will have the results you want. I loved working with nFocus because Nick knew exactly what I had in mind. He used the right lighting, editing, and photography skills to create pictures that reflected me at my best. I loved all the creative ideas he had which resulted in at least 25 pictures I loved.

n: Your Mom was at your shoot. Did you feel like it was a good bonding experience for the two of you?
B: Yes! I loved having my Mom there. I think it was a good experience because she helped me feel more comfortable and it was just really fun having her by my side. The shoot was about 2 hours and I had such a fun time choosing outfits and getting everything together with her.

n: Were you happy with the final photos?
B: Yes! I loved the final pictures! Nick did an amazing job with the poses and editing. I could not have asked for better pictures!

n: Where would you most like to go to College?
B: I either want to go to Michigan State Univerity, University of Minnesota, or Pepperdine University.

n: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
B: In 10 years, I hope to have a stable home and job. I want to be living in either Chicago or New York City! I also picture myself starting a family in 10 years.

n: What was your favorite Band when you were 10?
B: The Jonas Brothers!!

n: Describe senior year so far in 3 words.
B: Exciting, Liberating, Sentimental

nfocus photos - senior pictures in Crystal Lake and Cary, IL
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
nfocus photos - senior pictures in Crystal Lake, IL Hampshire
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