nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL


nFocus Photos is a boutique photography studio located in Crystal Lake, IL that specializes in high school senior photography. Our goal is to tell THE STORY OF YOU! I promise you won’t be standing in front of a boring school backdrop and no one’s going to ask you to ‘go over there and hug that tree’. Instead, we’ll work together to create photos that express your true personality and lifestyle! Maybe you’re conservative or maybe you’re bold and crazy. Maybe you love sports or maybe you’re into the violin. Whatever it is, I want to create images that will never be mistaken for a yearbook photo! Photos you’ll share with your own teenagers twenty-five years from now and say, ‘look how cool I was’…

nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL

What your friends are saying

“I would describe my experience as amazing!!”

I was a little nervous at the start of my session, but as we progressed it made me feel 110% confident in myself! My favorite part was changing into all of my different outfits and seeing how they turned out on the back of the camera. It was a lot more fun than I expected and I feel like this is something everyone needs to experience before they start a new chapter in their life!!     …Chloe Becker

What parents are saying


I purchased a metal print of the image with Jessica laying in the grass smiling up at us like she always does. The picture is incredible and I hung it at the top of the stairs so I will see her smiling face every day when she is away at school. You can not put a price on pictures that capture your daughter in a way that makes you feel like she is still home smiling at you! It was the best money I’ve ever spent!! These are not just pictures, these are memories and art! Priceless!!         …Char Hillman

nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL
nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL

“As professional as I’ve seen…”

This is one of those big milestones – your child graduating from high school! The process of capturing this can be somewhat overwhelming; What are all of the steps in this process? Is the price right? And most importantly, will the photographer really be able to capture the essence of my child’s personality and beauty? Nick covered all of these points flawlessly. As a photographer, his photos really standout. Others I have used in the past took nice pictures but Nick caught just the right look, at the precise moment that makes your heart sing. The photoshoot was easy going, Nick provides great direction. He is competitively priced – and the process is as professional as I’ve seen. I can honestly say the entire process was completed with such ease, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.        …Karen Baker



At nFocus we like to start with a free senior photo consultation. The consult gives us a chance to meet and plan out all of the details of your session. We’ll discuss portrait design, clothing, makeup and location ideas. I also show you all of the diferent products we sell and get all of your questions answered before you actually book your session.


Come to your session prepared to have fun! It’s your day!! Don’t worry about posing or how you’re going to smile… I’m going to take care of all the details. Just enjoy your time in the spotlight and above all else, be yourself and your photos will turn out great!! A day or two after the session I’ll post a preview from your session on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to become a fan!


Once your photo session is over, we’ll schedule a time for you to come into the studio and put your order together. At the ordering session you’ll be able to view all of your retouched photos on a large screen. I’ll help you put your order together and choose products that will be the best to display and show off your photos!


Clients who choose nFocus are investing in a custom experience and professional quality products. Session fees start at $75. Portrait Collections starting at $369 and a la carte items are available.

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nfocus photos - senior photos in Crystal Lake, IL

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